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Provincial Child Care Conference and Trade Show

June 2-3, 2017

In Partnership with NSCCA, CCECENS, and CPRPS


Welcome to the 2017 Provincial ECE Conference and Trade Show, Nurturing Practice and Reflection.  Throughout this conference Early Childhood Educators will be challenged with new ways to think about their profession while reflecting on current practices and pedagogy.

Pedagogy is generally defined as an understanding of how learning happens, or the art and practice of teaching.  As Early Childhood Educators, we have chosen to work in a profession that blends caring and education into meaningful experiences for young children. Throughout this conference we hope that participants have the opportunity to reflect on their practices and nurture their art or pedagogy by:

  • Looking closely at what they do each day, incorporating the power of play
  • Reflecting on why they are doing what they do each day
  • Obtain an understanding of how their actions impact children and families

 We invite you to attend and share in this exciting opportunity to be inspired by two highly respected presenters in the ECE Profession, Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn from London Bridges Child Care Services. The breakout sessions being held on Saturday will equally delight as it features respected experts from right here in Nova Scotia! You won’t want to miss this exciting event! Register now, seating is limited!

Workshop Descriptions listed below.

Conference Program Schedule 

 Friday, June 2, 2017 (5.5  Pd Hours)

8:00 Registration and Networking

9:00-12:00 Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn: Part 1
Intentional Leadership: Growing our ability to bring passion and purpose to our work!

12:00-1:00   Lunch in Mezzanine

1:00- 3:30 Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn: Part 2 Intentional Leadership: Growing our ability to bring passion and purpose to our work! (Continued from am session)

*30 minute Nutrition Break at 10:30


6:30-9:30 Awards and Recognition Gala

9:30-11:00 Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Show



Saturday, June 3, 2017 (5 PD hours)

8:30 Registration and Networking

9:00-10:00 Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn (1hr) Career or Calling? Nurturing Meaning and Purpose in our work

10:30-12:00 Breakout Workshops (1.5 hr)

12:00-1:00 Lunch in Mezzanine

1:00-1:30 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Guest Presentation on Curriculum Framework

1:30-4:00pm Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn (2.5 Hours)
Learning Together with Children: Using reflective practices to meet up with children’s lively minds


* 30 minute nutrition break 10am


Friday June 2/16

9:00-3:30 (5.5 PD Hours)

“Intentional Leadership: Growing our ability to bring passion and purpose to our work!”

Presenters: Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn

As the field of Early Learning continues to evolve rapidly, how might we reconcile between our many roles as leaders?  How can we effectively accomplish our many administrative responsibilities, ensure program quality and support the growth and development of our people? In this full day session we will explore mindsets of leadership that can help us to accomplish our goals and find meaning and enjoyment in our practice. We will consider structures for mentoring and work with a planning process that can help us to be intentional leaders.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

9:00-10:00 (1 PD Hour)

Career or Calling?  Nurturing Meaning and Purpose in our Work.

Presenters: Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn

Most of us come to the field of early childhood because we are drawn to it and want to make a difference.  However, sometimes the realities of the work and ever-growing expectations can feel daunting and difficult.  How might nurturing our own unique gifts help us to find deeper meaning in our work?  How can working towards something that we care about - a place of engagement and eagerness (not dread and obligation), that serves us both in our work and in our lives?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Morning Workshop Series Choices (1 ½ PD hour)

10:30-12:00 (participants choose one from A, B, C,or D)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A: Who are we? Examining our Image of an Early Childhood Educator. 

In Nova Scotia, we are at the point of great change…new expectations for funding, a new curriculum framework, and professional recognition. What does this mean for Educators? How did we get here (a very brief history of the role of an educator).  What is our image of ourselves today? (Examining our beliefs and how these beliefs impact the learning and care experiences for children).  What is our best future and how can we achieve it? 
Presenters: Elizabeth Hicks has been working in child care for over 35 years.  She currently works as an independent consultant and supports early childhood educators in thinking about their programs and their goals for children.   
Carrie Melsom has been working in child care for 29 years. She is currently the Early Years Program Services Coordinator at the NSCECE Early Years Community Development Centre. Her days can include sitting on classroom floors observing students, educators and children in action; meeting with the Provincial Early Years Partnership; connecting with community members looking for resources at the EYCDC; or facilitating communities of practice.

Pathways to Professional Recognition.

What is Professional Recognition? What does it look like? What does it involve? In 2014 the Nova Scotia Child Care Association (NSCCA) began its exploration of professional recognition and what it would mean to early childhood educators in NS.  Join the dialogue on how we want to be recognized as Professional ECE’s.  The session will involve dialogue on the questions posed above and provide information that will enrich plans to move professional recognition of ECE’s forward.  
Presenter: Board member of the Nova Scotia Child Care Association.

C: Self-Reflective Practice: Anchoring Strengths.

This workshop intends to be a spa for participants’ identities. Using theory and activities from personality type, positive psychology, self-compassion, self-esteem, self-efficacy, spirituality, shame and vulnerability, this session gives participants an opportunity to feel better about themselves, who they are, their unique value to the human family; as well as identifying strategies for growth to secure the confidence and competence needed to assert their value in society. The workshop will include the presentation of concept frameworks from the above mentioned fields of identity research, as well as experiential practice where participants will have the opportunity to self-reflect and self-determine core features of their trustworthy identities which they will be able to recall for self-validation in the future, to anchor themselves in times of self-doubt and challenge. Participants will have an opportunity to honestly acknowledge their own strengths and areas they need to rely on others, reinforcing the fact that it is natural for healthy humans to collaborate and share, as well as have needs and have them met. Participants will leave the session with a renewed sense of their autonomous value and a heightened appreciation for diverse others. Multiple resources for further reflection and self-development are included.
Elizabeth Perry started her career in ECE and used that solid foundation in human development to create success in business, teaching ESL, and facilitating life-long learning. Elizabeth has a Master’s in Education and has recently earned a Diploma in Counselling Skills – Social/Human Services. Elizabeth’s passion is supporting individuals in discovering their true selves, and releasing their survival identities with love and thanks for a job well done.

D: Practice, Reflect and Inspire.

This workshop will give participants an opportunity to work with the Occupational Standards of Practice for Early Childhood Educators. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their own practice and identify areas where growth and development can occur. We will explore tools to use that will inspire you to be all that you can be; help you to promote self-reflection and improve your practice, your classroom, and your relationship with parents and co-workers; and assist you in reaching your fullest potential!
A review of the standards of practice prior to attending the workshop is highly recommended.
Presenters: Catherine Cross has been working in regulated child care sector since graduating from MSVU in 1995 with her BAA(CYS).  She is currently a Curriculum Facilitator at Dartmouth Child Development Centre. She is a board member of the NSCCA and has used the occupational standards as a guide/tool for own personal practice. She was part of the review process to update the current occupational standards. 
Kathleen Couture is a graduate of MSVU with her Bachelor of Child Study and has been working in the Early Childhood Education sector for almost 30 years as a director, administrator and a mentor across Canada and the United States. She has facilitated numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Afternoon workshop 1:30-4:00(2.5  PD Hour)

Learning Together with Children:  Using reflective practices to meet up with children’s lively minds.

Presenters: Anne Marie Coughlin and Angela Woodburn

During this session participants will explore practical and engaging ways to observe children. Together we will practice using different “lenses” to help grow understanding of children’s thinking.  We will reflect on how documentation can be used in multiple ways to help us understand and tell the story of children’s experiences.  And we will consider how reflective practice can enhance the joy and intellectual engagement in our work.

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