Occupational Standards

Occupational Standards “describe what a person in a particular profession must know and be able to do to be considered “capable” in the occupation: that is, the level of skills and knowledge required to do their job safely, effectively and properly” (CCHRSC,2010, Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators)

The NSCCA has adopted the Human Resource Sector Council’s Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators as a current reference for Early Childhood Education Standards of practice. These Standards serve as the foundation upon which to build quality of practice in Nova Scotia child care.


Application of Occupational Standards for NSCCA Members:

  • Members of NSCCA are expected to adhere to the Occupational Standards as part of the commitment to the purpose of the association.
  • NSCCA uses the Occupational Standards as a foundation for professional development activities for its members to continuously improve the quality of care they provide to children.

NSCCA support for members’ use of the Occupational Standards:

  • NSCCA members have access to the Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators online at http://www.cccf-fcsge.ca/wp-content/uploads/occupational-standards-for-ece_en.pdf. If you would like a printed version please contact us info@nschildcareassociation.org
  • Members receive a task chart for those standards as part of their membership entitlements.
  • Members have access to a wide variety of reports and projects developed by the Child Care Human Resource Sector Council at http://www.ccsc-cssge.ca/projects-publications/publications
  • Periodically, NSCCA will conduct seminars and workshops on certain Occupational Standards as a support to members. As well, the Occupational Standards will be used in the design of other professional development opportunities for its members.


Occupational Standards 2014 (PDF)

HRSC Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators (PDF)


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