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Nova Scotia Child Care Association Annual General Meeting Minutes


October 18, 2014

Meeting held at Seton Academic Centre, Faculty Lounge MSVU 4pm


Margot Nickerson, Kelly Goulden, Kassandra Allard-Morin, Jodi Macinnon-Leblanc, Carrie Smith, Erin MacDonald, Zahara Nessi, Elizabeth Conrad, Bernadette Feagan, Vicki Chaisson, Alexa Nicolaou, Elaine Ferguson, Andrea MacDonad
Minutes were not provided or read.  Minutes from 2013 AGM to be sent to members at a later date for review.  Andrea MacDonald motion to approve minutes to be submitted at a later date, seconded by Jodi MacKinnon LeBlanc, consensus met, motion carried.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Chair report (attached)
    2. Operations Report (attached)
    3. Financial Report (attached)
      1. Motion to appoint Janet Cheverie as NSCCA Auditor put forth by Carrie Smith, second by Elaine Ferguson, consensus met, motion carried.
    4. Strategic Planning Report (attached)
    5. Ethics Committee Report (attached)
    6. Membership and Standards Committee Report (attached)
    7. Advocacy Report (attached)
    8. Advisory Council Report (attached) Read by Kathleen Couture


  1. Nomination Committee Report (attached)
    1. Addition of Frances Langstaff-Allen to be added to Nomination Slate
    2. Three calls for nominations from the floor, by Andrea MacDonald, no new nominations brought forth.
    3. Motion to accept the Nomination slate for 2014-15 put forth by Elaine Ferguson, seconded by Carrie Smith, consensus met, motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Motion to accept all reports as read by Jodi MacKinnon-Leblanc, seconded by Erin MacDonald, consensus met, motion carried.


  1. Questions, concerns, considerations from NSCCA Members
    1. No concerns brought forth at this time

Motion to adjourn meeting from Elaine Ferguson.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm

Minutes Submitted by Kelly Goulden, NSCCA Office and Events Coordinator/Board Recorder


Nova Scotia Child Care Association Annual General Meeting Committee Reports

Chair Report

Respectfully Submitted by Kathleen Couture, NSCCA Chair

Hello and welcome to our 2014 Annual General Meeting. As Chair of the Nova Scotia Child Care Association for the past 4 years it is my pleasure to say how proud I am of the work that the NSCCA has accomplished to date. We have truly come a long way from the days of a volunteers and small committees.


We now have a full time and a part time paid staff who have been instrumental in bringing the NSCCA to where we are today. We have the highest membership numbers we have ever had, facilitated two large conferences and several small workshops, we have had a very successful Advocacy and Advisory committees that along with worthy wage and a parade have made tremendous strides in advocating for our profession. We have also been very successful in ensuring that we represent each and every Early Childhood Educator across the province through our Outreach initiatives. You will hear more details about all of these events in our committee reports in a few moments.


I would like to take this opportunity to say how important our members are to us. They are our driving force, our muse so to speak. Each and everything the NSCCA does is completed with members like you in mind.  We work for you and represent you. Being part of a larger association and voice is important. It not only gives you the Early Childhood Educator support but it gives our profession respect and value. You can help spread the word, and help us continue to grow.


Thank you for making NSCCA an association to be proud to be a part of, as Chair I know I am proud.


Operations Report

Respectfully Submitted by Kelly Goulden, Office and Events Coordinator


The past year has been a year of successes as the Nova Scotia Child Care Association continues to provide a wide range of programs, services and resources for our Members and the Early Childhood Education Community.  The NSCCA moved from an association with an all-volunteer Board of Directors, to an association combining Board Governance and Operations by hiring NSCCA’s first staff person.

The NSCCA has accomplished many things with this transition which has allowed us to better serve our Members. Throughout the year operations has worked at developing new partnerships, while strengthening existing partnerships.  Throughout the year operations has been successful in providing professional development activities, increasing membership and looking at membership benefits, advocating, organizing awareness events, and setting up the NSCCA headquarters.

NSCCA operations developed and launched a new website for the NSCCA, aiming to make it more users friendly, updated and easily accessible for visitors of the site.  We have increased awareness through our social media campaigns on Facebook and twitter, linked in, and Pinterest which has increased our social outreach to over 700 users, and raised the profile of the Nova Scotia Child Care Association.

Communications has been much more effective to members, and we have received positive feedback from our Members and the ECE community.   We have heard many suggestions from current members, past members, and the ECE community and will be considering all input we have received as we move forward.


Operations has sent and received over 4000 emails in the past 9 months, ranging from parents and community members to Early Childhood Education centres and NSCCA Members.  In office we received approximately 20 visits and hold our Board, committee and various other meetings in the Board Room located in our facility.  In May we moved to a larger office to accommodate our growing need for space, which included a workspace for a term Summer Student which we hired in May 2014 after receiving a Federal Summer Student Grant.  With the increasing responsibilities of operations the Board decided to keep our summer student, Kassandra Allard –Morin, as a part time Administrative Assistant.   Currently Operations includes 1.25 staff members; full time Office and Events Coordinator, and part time Administrative Assistant.


Operations has been successful in providing two  conferences, organizing Nutrition workshops taking place across the province, and the Brain Story workshop in both French and English.  The Art of Cooking with Kids is still ongoing, and spans across the province being offered to ECEs in Sydney, Truro, Bridgewater, Yarmouth and Kentville.  Operations have worked closely with coordinators in each of these areas to offer the same opportunity for rural NSCCA Members as those in HRM.   Each session is capped at 30, and many sessions have offered repeat sessions.  We estimate that over 250 ECEs will receive the training offered in conjunction with the Dairy Farmers of Canada.   The Brain Story, offered in May was presented to 95 participants in the English session, and 8 participants in the French Session.


Throughout the year we have created stronger partnerships with our outreach coordinators throughout Nova Scotia.  Last year Trish Martin, Sydney (Early Childhood Resource Centre IHSE); Donna Barrett, Yarmouth (Early Childhood Development Support Centre, NSCC) Amie Harrison and Krista Smith, Cumberland (Early Childhood Development Support Centre, NSCC); Monica Slauenwhite and Courtney Hudgins, Kentville (Early Childhood Development Support Centre, NSCC) have been instrumental in assisting NSCCA in our efforts to reach rural communities, and contributed to the success of the Provincial Awareness Parade, various PD sessions and increasing rural memberships.  Operations have also created three additional NSCCA display boards, in hopes of adding information tables in Truro and Bridgewater. This brings our total to 6 outreach NSCCA display boards providing information on the NSCCA to rural ECEs.


The June Conference Inspired Educators: Inspiring Classrooms provided informative and motivational workshops intended to inspire educators in their profession. 70 individuals registered for the Administrators PD Day. Of the 70 who participated 2% were from Cape Breton; 74% were from Halifax Regional Municipality; 6% were from Northern Nova Scotia; 11% were from Southern Nova Scotia; 6% were from Western Nova Scotia.  Of the 70 who participated in these regions 45% were centre administrators; 37% were ECE staff; 7% were ECE trainers; 4% were from family home daycare agencies; 6% were from Government and 1 person (1%) was an ECE student.   201 registrants attended Saturday, June 7, 2014.  Of those 201 who attended 1% were from Cape Breton; 80% were from Halifax Regional Municipality; 6% were from Northern Nova Scotia; 12% were from Southern Nova Scotia; 1 % were from Western Nova Scotia Of the 201 who participated in these regions 11% were centre administrators; 81% were ECE staff; 1% were ECE trainers; 4% were from family home daycare agencies; 3% were ECE students.

The Mental Health Conference being held at MSVU Oct 18-19/14 has over 250 participants from a wide range of professionals including but not limited to Early Childhood Educators, Medical and Health Professionals,  Early Interventionists, and Government.  This two-day conference is intended to strengthen ties, and expand collaborations between practitioners who work with children in the early years of life, particularly those who require additional support.  This conference was the second Mental Health in the Early Years Conference held at MSVU in partnership with IWK, MWMFF, and MSVU.


Throughout the year Operations has assisted the Advocacy Committee in various advocacy initiatives including the Worthy Wage Campaign, and the ECE matters Awareness Parade.  Both initiatives brought NSCCA Members and the ECE community together to raise public awareness to the importance of Early Childhood Education across the Province.  The Awareness Parade took place throughout the province and it is estimated that over 700 individuals participated in the event.  The letter Writing Campaign reached MLAs in all constituencies and it is estimated that between 6-900 letters were sent to MLAs via email/Mail.  In addition to the letter writing campaign, a new YouTube video was created and has received over 800 views.    On top of Awareness events, Operations assisted the Advocacy Committee in the development of the Advisory Council code of conduct, information sheet, confidentiality agreement and logo.  Operations have also created a variety of promotional materials that have been successful in promoting awareness for the NSCCA and Early Childhood Education.  Promotional items have been purchased across Nova Scotia, and even in British Columbia.  Operations has also been active in supporting the Advisory Council, which is a subcommittee of the Advocacy Committee.
Operations has worked closely with the Membership Committee in reaching out to NSCCA Members.  We have been successful in updating the membership data base, developing a new membership structure, and communicating effectively and efficiently with Members, which has resulted in our highest membership numbers yet, 327.  This is up from 227 in the 2012-13 year.   We are currently organizing Mentoring and Ethics training sessions for the 2015 year, and working on organizing Occupational Standards/Standards of Practice professional development sessions for NSCCA members.


We have been successful in providing up to date and relevant information for our Members.  We have created the Head Heart and Hands Bulletin that is sent out quarterly, and Occupational Standards Fact sheets that are intended to keep ECE Standards of practice at the forefront of our Members daily practice.  These will continue into the next year, and other communications are in the process of being developed for our Members.


This year Operations has been actively involved in assisting the Board of Directors with the transition to Governance/Operations and developing NSCCAs Strategic Plan.  Operations have taken all hands on financial bookkeeping, working closely with the NSCCA Treasurer, Carrie Smith, and Board Member Elaine Ferguson, as consultant.


Over the past 10 months NSCCA operations has assisted the Board of Directors in reaching the NSCCA goals and objectives.  At this time I would like to thank all NSCCA Board Members for their support in the transition to a Governance/Operations organization.  I am looking forward to being part of NSCCA’s continuous growth and success as we continue moving forward.


Financial Report

Respectfully Submitted by Carrie Smith and Elaine Ferguson (Click to Enlarge)


Bal sh 13.4 Fin st 2013.4 scconf.13.4



 Strategic Planning Report

Respectfully Submitted by Elaine Ferguson, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee and Governance- Operations Task Force. 

Governance- Operations Task Force:


With the vision, values, mission and objectives affirmed and the current services and projects continuing on, as of January we were tasked with getting the Office set up and becoming employers.  Previously all operations work was performed by Board and committees, and with Staff, our immediate tasks became sorting out the governance work and the Operations work so that we would meet our accountability commitment to our members and reflect our values, mission and vision as NSCCA carries out its governance and operations roles.  To do this, the Governance- Operations (GO)Task force was struck.  This is an ad hoc committee, chaired by Elaine Ferguson that has been working on developing work descriptions for the board and  for operations;  developing policies for financial monitoring and management policies and procedures.  The Task Force began its work April 2014 with focusing on developing systems and policies for Financial Management.


Strategic Plan:

What NSCCA will do to accomplish our Mission and move towards our vision. (Click to Enlarge)



 sp1sp2  sp3


Ethics Committee Report

Respectfully Submitted by Elaine Ferguson


The Ethics and Mentoring Training Project is delivered by NSCCA in fulfillment of our commitment to meet the NSCCA objectives of:

  • To educate and facilitate the ethical practice of its members (Ethics)
  • To educate and facilitate the use of standards of practice in its members (Standards)


In the spring of 2014, Elaine Ferguson volunteered to develop and pilot a project to train NSCCA members in the application of ethics and mentoring skills.  The first step was to train facilitators to deliver a two hour session on Application of Ethics and a 6 part mentoring skills series.  A call for applications was sent out to NSCCA members in the spring and eight members expressed interest.   These folks will receive their training in November and will co facilitate with Elaine in   delivering the training to members in the spring of 2015.  Facilitators in training will receive professional development hours for the training and the preparation and debriefing of modules they deliver in spring 2015.


Periodically Facilitator training in Ethics and mentoring will be delivered by NSCCA to increase the bank of members who can deliver this training to educate and facilitate our member’s ethical practice and provide the skills to enhance their use of our standards of practice.

Membership and Standards Committee Report

Respectfully Submitted by Kassandra- Allard Morin, NSCCA Administration Assistant


For the 2013-14 year, The Nova Scotia Child Care Association had 231 members, an increase of 61 or 36% over 2012-2013.

  • In the 2013-2014 year we received 68 new members and had 163 re-new their memberships (for a total of 231).
  • Over its 10 years of being in existence, five hundred and sixty six (566) individuals have become members and 339 are currently at large (either haven't renewed or have left the field)
  • There are 178 voting members (possess an ECE credential) and 53 non-voting members.
  • 23 of the NSCCA current members are affiliated with the Canadian Child Care Federation.
  • 85% of current members are from the Halifax County Area, 5% Yarmouth County, 4% Lunenburg County, 6% in other rural areas of Nova Scotia.
  • Close to 5% of members are certified by the Certification Council of ECE NS.


Annual Membership in NSCCA runs from May 1 to April 30 of the following year. In the 2013-14 year Members chose from a tier system. Tier One membership fees were $30 for NSCCA membership only, or Tier Two fees were $55 including Canadian Child Care Federation Affiliate membership as well as NSCCA membership.


Beginning the following membership cycle (May 2015), there will be a change in fee structures and an increase in membership fees (refer to table). We have found that the addition of a fulltime staff has provided us with the opportunity to accomplish many things we had never had time to accomplish, such as the Awareness Parade which was a great success and an increase in membership fees is essential for to continue at this pace. There will also be the addition of a ten dollar late fee to compensate for extra fees associated with preparing membership packages off-season.


  Professional Associate Parents Students
New $50.00 $50.00 S50.00 $20.00
Renewal $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $20.00


  • Professional = Level II + III (voting)
  • Associate/Parents = Level I and others with an interest (non-voting)
  • Students = must be currently enrolled in an ECE program (non-voting)


As stated in the membership survey, our members are looking for more benefits and we are committed to providing them with this value. In the following years we hope to increase benefits provided to members, such as discounts, free professional development and members-only website access.



Advocacy Report

Respectfully Submitted by Margot Nickerson, Advocacy Committee Co-Chair


The 2013-14 year has been a year of growth for the Nova Scotia Child Care Association and the Advocacy Committee has been hard at work advocating for Early Childhood Education and our Members.


In May the NSCCA launched our fourth annual Worthy Wage Campaign.  2014’s worthy wage initiative was a letter writing campaign.  Letters were sent to MLAs across Nova Scotia from all areas in our province sharing stories of Early Childhood Educators.  This campaign sparked a passionate interest, specifically in Cape Breton where a group of ECE Advocates used the campaign as an ongoing initiative expanding beyond May 1st Worthy Wage Day.  In line with our letter writing campaign, we also released a third YouTube video.
In August, with the support of Operations, the Advocacy Committee was able to organize an ECE Awareness Parade.  On August 10, 2014 over 700 participants attended the ECE Matters Parade, which ended at a family fun event in 5 areas of Nova Scotia.  Simultaneously, Early Childhood Educators and their supporters attended the Parade in Truro, Kentville, Yarmouth, Sydney and Halifax.  NSCCA provided “ECE Matters T-shirts” to 135 NSCCA Members who participated in the event.  Due to the success of the event the Advocacy committee will be organizing this event annually, with the support from coordinators Donna Barrett (Yarmouth NSCC ECDSC) Trish Landry Martin (Sydney, IHSE ECRC) Amie Harrison (Cumberland NSCC ECDSC) and Courtney Hudgins (Kentville NSCC ECDSC).  This province wide event garnered a wide range of media coverage for ECE in Nova Scotia.


The Advocacy Committee has been actively meeting with politicians in the Liberal, PC, and NDP Caucus in an effort to provide all parties with information on things that matter to Early Childhood Educators, and the ECE Profession and will continue to advocate to government on behalf of our Members.


The Advocacy Committee meets monthly at NSCCA offices from 630-730.  At our next meeting we will be making a work plan for the upcoming months, and developing a proposed budget for Advocacy initiatives.  We welcome new members at any time.


Advisory Council Report

Respectfully Submitted by Penny Krill-Whynot, Advisory Council Co-Chair

The Advisory Council is a sub-committee of the Nova Scotia Child Care Associations Advocacy Committee.   It was created to provide support, advice, and resources to the Provincial Early Years Partnership (PEYP) representatives.  The Provincial Early Years Partnership (PEYP) is a committee of government and non-government representatives from child care, education and health with a shared focus on early childhood development. The committee will work with the new Early Years Branch as it charts a quality system for early childhood development in Nova Scotia.

Our Goals and Objectives of the Advisory Council are;

  • Participate in the development of framework for Early Learning and Care
  • Support and collaborate with out PEYP representatives
  • Listen to Early Childhood Educators and members views
  • Be supported by our representatives and the NSCCA board in return
  • Advocate to the public and  members of the PEYP board, the importance of Early Years and their impact on society
  • Advocate to improve salaries, benefits and work place conditions for those working in the Early learning and child care field in Nova Scotia
  • Continue to educate and increase public awareness of our profession

The NSCCA Advisory Council is made up of two co-chairs and volunteers who are voting members of the Nova Scotia Child Care Association and have a background in child development. We contact members of the Advisory Council through e-mail, skype, newsletters to member’s at large, conference calls and anyone who wishes to drop in, or those wishing to report concerns or questions are welcome.

What we accomplished 2013-2014

  • Development of a Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, and Communication Protocol for Advisory Council Members.
  • Assisted in the completion of the terms of reference and conditions for the PEYP
  • We have been successful in reaching more Advisory Council members by using technology to communicate
  • We are more knowledgeable on child care plans from other provinces and countries by learning  what they have accomplished
  • Attended several meetings with the Provincial Government discussing what we would like to see happen with regards to our model and childcare as a whole.
  • There have been meetings about adopting the salary scale with the government
  • We have great representatives who know and understand the concerns of the ECE and the child care field and are willing to fight for our rights and for families

We would like to thank current NSCCA  Members who have participated in information sharing through the Advisory Council.


Nomination Committee Report

Respectfully Submitted by Andrea MacDonald, Nomination Committee Chair


This year the call of nominations was sent out to all membership via email and was posted on our website.

Firstly, I would like to thank our Board members who have served their terms and have resigned.  These members include Sabrina Humphrey, Jane Williamson, Erin MacDonald and Shannon MacLean.  Your dedication and commitment to NSCCA has been a valuable piece of our success in moving forward.

On behalf of NSCCA, I would like to thank you for your time, commitment and passion to our goals, mission, and to our memberships.   In part of our appreciation, we would like to present you with this commitment to care award.  Without your professionalism, and dedication to NSCCA and to our Membership we would not be where we are today. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavors, and we hope for your return some day in the future.

With the call of nominations process we received 4 nomination packages.  The Nomination Committee met and reviewed all applicants.  A letter of acknowledgement was sent to all candidates thanking them for their show of interest and a reflective piece, discussing what our focus is as Board Members representing the NSCCA. Candidates were given time to reflect and answer four questions pertaining to the NSCCA mission and objectives. We would now open the floor to take any new nominations

We would like to present the slate for NSCCA Board of Directors 2014-15

NSCCA Board of Directors Slate 2014-15

Returning Board Members

  • Kathleen Couture
  • Carrie Smith
  • Elaine Ferguson
  • Pat Hogan
  • Margot Nickerson
  • Mansure Jung
  • Penny Krill
  • Jodi LeBlanc
  • Valerie Rafuse
  • Andrea MacDonald

New Board Members

  • Heather Hansen-Dunbar
  • Bernadette Fegan
  • Suzanne Saulnier
  • Alexa Nicolaou
  • Frances Langstaff-Allen

The goal of the Nomination Committee this year will be looking at our policy and procedure for the call for nominations.  We will reflect on our current process, and adapt changes on our policy surrounding the process of call for nominations, that will be more reflective to the mission statement, goals and vision of the Nova Scotia Child Care Association.  This will be in place for the next Call of nominations in 2015.

In closing, as Chair of the Nomination committee I would like to welcome our new members to the Board of Directors, and thank our returning members who continue to work collaboratively for our membership.


Contact Information:


Nova Scotia Child Care Association

102 Chain Lake Drive, Suite 303

Halifax, NS B3S 1A7


Phone:  902.423.8199

Fax: 902.423.1028









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